Workshop your product

Starting from:

You’re trying to launch a product but it hasn’t quite landed? You’ve got this one scope of work and need to design a feature of your product? Start here!

  • We interact and engage with you for half a day or a full day (let us know your preference when you fill-out the requirements).
  • Speak with our UX team before the workshop to discover what you’re having trouble getting done.
  • We do a UX audit to see which areas need improvement.
  • With our UX Specialists, you go through your problem with your team.
  • We define who your target market is and mostly who you may be missing (we use our exclusive framework for it): their behaviours, motivations and challenges.
  • We map out your users’ journey at every touch point of your product.
  • We brainstorm ideas as a design challenge and prioritize features.
  • We share our insights of the workshop and a plan for improvement.

Workshop your product with us to meet your customers’ requirements and have a “blow-your-mind” type of return on investment.

  • Add a 1-hour session after your workshop to answer your questions specific to the workshop and your plan for improvement - $995

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