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With a deep understanding in how people interact with your technology, you use this insight to propel your business in designing desirable products and services with enhanced usability. This approach leads your business to greater success.

Strategic Foresight

Multi-faceted user discovery

UX Consulting

UX Specialist Hire

Development Toolkit

UX tools

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Design with your users

Learn the basics

This is a good start if you're a newbie who wants to know 'What is UX?'

This packages includes a full
1-hour video that walks you through the basics of knowing how to meet your customers’ expectations that you can DIY immediately.

Starting from:

You will receive the following:

5 templates
Join our exclusive community
1 hour video which includes:

  • What is UX?
  • How the right customer journey can help boost your sales
  • Learn the benefits of understanding the experiences of your audience with your customers
  • Know who your customer are, where they're from and how they feel on your website
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Workshop your product

Building your new product or relaunching? Start here! We walk you through your problem, your audience and who you're overlooking for your product to return a "blow-your-mind" type of investment. 

Starting from:

You will receive the following:

  1. Fill our a form with your requirements
  2. Book a time
  3. Receive a call from our UX team
  • UX Audit (includes accessibility compliance
  • Min. 3 hour UX session with 2 UX specialists
  • Define your audience persona
  • Map your users' journey
  • Design ideas for your product
  • Insights and recommendations
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Hire your
in-house UX

This is your VIP team with a niche skill! We do the hard yard for you. We discover your customers' needs, tie in their insights and execute these with opportunities that align with your vision with instant results.

We curate this section for you based on your requirements.

Starting from:
  1. Fill our a form with your requirements
  2. Book a time
  3. Receive a call from our UX team

Hire our in-house UX team to work on:

  • User Research
  • User Journey
  • Insights
  • User Testing
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • User Interface Design
  • Developers
  • Accessibility Compliance Scoring
  • UX Audit
  • UX Metrics
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About Propel

A boutique of people overlooked,

the first Black-woman, migrant, global citizen, polyglot-owned UX business

is disrupting how we design products for people.

We illuminate people’s multi-facets to drive the way businesses target you in the design of the user experience of tech and products.

When reflecting on why I started it, I felt I needed to go back to the basics.

My "Why" was a lack of representation in tech. "Where are the Black Bill Gates?" was the question I kept asking myself.

My “Why” was that there was a lot of bias in how technology is designed, especially in ways you probably never thought of.

My “Why” was if there was no solution for it, let’s work on it.

In this day and age where tech is at the intersection that influences our decision-making, why aren’t we targeting the multi-facets of people to build products that are adaptable?

There’s no room for errors and mistakes. And, it sounds daunting. You’re right!

But, when you have a business like Propel Innovations that has deep connection and understanding of the markets you miss out on, can guide you in removing your blind spots to gain perspective for the success of your business, it’s a journey we’re inviting you to embark on.

Ever released product that cost you 5x more to build? And realised you shouldn't have done it? Because your customers don't want it. What if I told you, we've got the answer for you?

Partnership: Understand your users' needs and opportunities for additional growth

Opportunities: Resolve confusion and friction with your products

Niche Skill: Turn your ideas into practice and have deadlines to execute with short-term and long-term vision.