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For small marketing and product teams to enhance products with customer insights and (at the same time) be inclusive.

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No more guesswork, uncover missed opportunities.

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Cut back in time, effort and gain valuable insights into customers' needs.

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Position products to new markets and gain a competitive edge.

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You or your team want to design more inclusively, raise awareness with your team,
or don't know where to start:

✔️ 1-hour workshop business case for inclusive design and why it's important now for your business

✔️ Receive insights into untapped markets, missed opportunities and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve

✔️ Real customer experiences’ journey examples to prevent your business from lawsuits

✔️ Learn practical ways to design inclusively and implement into your work immediately

$99 per person

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You or your team are redesigning your website from scratch or launching a new product from the start:

✔️ Review aesthetics

✔️ Check for accessibility compliance

✔️ Advice on improving inclusive customer experiences

✔️ Report of up to 5 improvement recommendations

✔️ Prioritize quick wins to long-term implementation

✔️ Receive assessment in 7 days


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You or your team know designing inclusively is the right thing to do and the smart business move:

✔️ Research customers’ needs considering accessibility and inclusivity

✔️ 10 customer usability testing based on business priorities to test product for improvement

✔️ Receive unique insights to add value to your customer's journey and products for your business

✔️ Advice on inclusive product improvements you can implement yourself or we do it for you

Starting $4995

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"100% growth in 3 months! It’s almost unheard of, these types of growth with our customers."
Scale Growth
I’m really loving the insights that can be actioned quickly.
Startup Victoria
Terrific experience! A most thoughtful and impactful process. Thank you Junie!
Conduit Capital
OMG, Sure an inspiring experience which was easy to understand and was focused driven
Excellent. Task was completed, to a high standard and communication was thorough and timely
Thanks so much for presenting - It was so great!
Impact North

Watch our case studies

How to target the right customers and retain them

We observed people using an app to see why they were leaving, and made it easier to sign up, while also retargeting to a younger demographic. Cutting out the guesswork to meet their unique customers' needs.

How to engage and retain your diverse customers in 90 days

We discovered through member interviews that lack of personalization was not the issue, but rather a need for diversity, better relationship building, and a valuable platform, resulting in a 100% growth in 90 days and doubling their retention.

How to increase brand loyalty and gain a competitive edge

We identified its target audience, created a user-friendly website through workshops, user interviews, and testing, while discovering a massive problem overlooked by mental health organizations, resulting in brand loyalty for NTPRSS.


A powerful weekly interview-style podcast illuminating the struggles faced by consumers and users of technology.

A must-listen for business leaders who want to learn how to create more inclusive tech designs but don't know where to start.


About Us

I'm Junie, founder & CEO of Propel Innovations and podcast host of Uncover Untapped Markets. Drawing from my lived, cultural and professional experiences, I leveraged them to design products and services that resonate with consumers and give businesses a competitive edge.

Watch my talk about Propel Innovations!

Propel Innovations

A boutique of user experience research and inclusive design tapping into niche markets for retail and digital businesses to understand unique customer needs and giving them a competitive edge.

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