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A boutique of User Experience Research, the first Black-woman, migrant, global citizen and polyglot-owned UX business is disrupting the user experience design to drive impact and profitability for senior managers, product owners and small business owners.

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Our Approach

Better Engagement

Understand your users’ needs and opportunities to create optimal user experiences.

Better Customer Loyalty

Reduce confusion and friction to ensure products are inclusive and respectful of your users‘ accessibility needs and diverse social identities.

Better Product Retention

A rigorous and thorough user research process using our Beyond The Surface Guide eliminates alienation of any product-relevant accessibility and social identity.

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My name is Junie.
I am multi-faceted.

What does 'multi-faceted' mean?

I'll let you in on the challenges I have faced. When I became an immigrant, my skills, abilities, number of spoken languages and global experiences were underestimated at work. As an international student, I couldn't access basic financial services. like a $500 credit card, to meet my needs when only earning $450 a week. And to make matters worse, I can't purchase afro-textured hair products off-the-shelf or online at Coles, Woolies or Priceline to meet my basic hygienic needs. Can you imagine the deep anxiety I feel every time I need to replenish on these products? Begging a local shop in Montréal to open their international shipping to Australia.

But, why am I telling you all of this?

Our Drive

Only 3.4%

Black and African American US Designers (U.S.A.).

*Unavailable data
People of colour in UX in Australia vs in the U.S.A.

Losing 5x

Cost of poor design not testing your product to meet your customers' needs

Losing $75 billion+

Amount of money per year in 'multi-cultural' markets AND $40 billion dollars left over money in disability, seniors and more

Beyond The Surface Guide

A guide to missed opportunities often overlooked to deliver measurable impact and profitability.

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Design with your Users

Beyond The Surface Guide

Attract a diverse user base by understanding their unique needs and creating user personas with unique insights for optimal experiences.

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We take care of your design experience from beginning to end, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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Case Studies

We identified its target audience, created a user-friendly website through workshops, user interviews, and testing, while discovering a massive problem overlooked by mental health organizations, resulting in brand loyalty for NTPRSS.


We observed people using an app to see why they were leaving, and made it easier to sign up, while also retargeting to a younger demographic. Learn from this and make sure your app is designed for users to save 4.5x the time it took to create an account.


We discovered through member interviews that lack of personalization was not the issue, but rather a need for diversity, better relationship building, and a valuable platform, resulting in a 100% engagement rate in 90 days and doubling their retention.

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